ADT Case study



I conducted a series of interviews with recent online shoppers that shaped UX priorities and improvements intended to boost conversion in ADT’s emerging ecommerce channel.


Despite ADT’s legacy of 100+ years’ in traditional sales, the marketing team lacked foundational knowledge of the preferences and pain points of ecommerce prospects in our new online store.

Research question

How can we develop insights from recent online purchasers and cart abandoners for a more intuitive ecommerce experience that will boost conversion?


Purchasers and cart abandoners identified many of the same strengths of ADT’s online store, reinforcing most of our existing UX patterns and underlying value proposition.

Pain points were identified and since resolved, including inconsistent labeling/imagery and confusing navigation.

User requests for personalization shaped multiple UX initiatives driving significant changes to the website, expected in early 2023.


Moderated user interviews (n=10) conducted remotely

Recruitment by email based on personal information shared on ADT’s website

Sessions were recorded and transcribed for analysis