Learnings from Phone and Field Sales

Learnings from Phone and Field Sales

ADT Security Services


I conducted discovery research within ADT’s phone and field sales operation to reveal novel insights and approaches applicable to ecommerce. These insights shaped forthcoming initiatives to improve our online store through increased personalization.


ADT’s Digital Experience team had never consulted our traditional (phone and field) sales team to benefit from their insights and internal resources.

Research question

How can we learn from our sales team to improve our ecommerce experience and increase conversions online?


ADT’s online store will offer a new purchase path based on the simplified sales approach used by ADT’s phone sales agents

The purchase experience and UX writing on the site will be redesigned based on language from the phone script

Forthcoming personalization initiatives on ADT.com reflect the rapport-building approach taken by phone and field sales agents


Qualitative data analysis from primary and secondary sources: interviews with sales leaders, recorded sales calls, phone scripts, sales employee training resources. I rode along with a field sales agent, listened to recorded sales calls, and studied training materials and scripting for sales agents.

Cover image: Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash